• The Family Way Christopher DiRaddo

    The Family Way

    What exactly constitutes a “real” family? Questions like this are at the heart of Christopher DiRaddo’s novel The Family Way.

  • Permanent Revolution Gail Scott

    Permanent Revolution

    Scott’s modes of questioning vary over time, but her concerns remain constant: feminism, queerness, class struggle, resisting pitalism and neoliberalism, the shape of sentences.

  • Mina Among the Shadows - Edem Awumey

    Mina Among the Shadows

    A unique blend of mystery, politil commentary, and magic realism, Edem Awumey’s Mina among the Shadows is first and foremost a story about love.

  • The Montreal Poetry Prize Edition 2020

    The Montreal Poetry Prize Anthology 2020

    The 2020 Montreal Poetry Prize, whose criterion for submission is an original English-language poem of under forty lines, received a staggering 4,645 international entries. An international jury of ten poets work to create individual shortlists, which are then submitted to the year’s judge.

From the current issue: Summer 2021

Noa Ne’eman is an artist residing in Tiotia:ke/Montreal, working as a freelance illustrator and teacher for community art classes. To check out more of their work, visit noaskate.com.
rtoon by Noa Ne'eman
Poem of the Month

from Swelles

I wake up inside my fog, but no matter,?
Good morning, Siri, I say, is it raining
in Berlin? Is it snowing in Mile End? Will I

need an umbrella today? Will I need a hat?
How long before a domestic jet pack is possible?
Should I apply sunscreen? n you tell me

"from Swelles" is taken from the book Swelles, published by Vallum Chapbook Series. Read our review